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Meet The Fam

The Fiancé

Like all engaged couples, everyone asks us how it began. Truthfully, neither of us like the answer. It’s not super romantic or one of those stories that make your heart melt and give you the goose bumps. And honestly, it’s not that it’s bad – we just would have rather met had a better story to tell. Sometimes, we avoid saying the true way of s meeting by not saying HOW we met, but WHERE we met – and that will usually suffice for most people. But alas, we do get the occasional follow up question of “Oh nice, and how did you meet?” Well, we can’t avoid that question and we’re not going to lie about it.

In Today’s World, It’s Normal

Yes yes, I know, many people have had successful relationships and have found “The One” by these methods… but we were probably the hopeless romantics that wanted the love story people would gush over. In reality, we both were in a big city, didn’t know many people, and were “out-of-towners” figuring our young adult lives out. So, we did what many normal millennials do and resorted to dating apps. To spare other backstory details, we met through Bumble – the one where the girl “makes the first move”.

Go For It!

With some encouragement from some friends, I took a chance on the cute guy with a baby in his picture, in which I had no idea if it was his daughter or niece. Long story short, we ended up meeting up for some drinks at a local brewery’s trivia night. We bonded over being awful at trivia and both being cheese heads from Wisconsin. The date went longer than anticipated and it felt natural. I will say there was a spark, conversation was easy, and he was darn handsome…plus a family man! (side note: it ended up being his niece). The rest as they say, is history. See – not that exciting, but here we are, engaged and planning a wedding of our own!

The Fur Babies


Nala was our first baby of the three. She is our 1.5 year old beige Newfoundland. We got her on Mother’s Day of 2020 and yes, she’s a “pandemic baby.” She was born on March 15th, 2020. She’s around 110 lbs., and sometimes forgets her size. She’s still learning, and is a major rascal, but she’s calming down as she gets older. She loves being outside, especially in the cold weather. Nala is a sweet girl, though her bark can sound intimidating. The best thing about Nala, is her love for kids and especially babies. A nickname for Newfoundlands is “the nanny” because they’re notorious for being so good with kids…that’s one of the reasons why we wanted a Newfie. If there’s a baby around, Nala wants nothing more but to be by it’s side.


Roo was our second addition, in April of 2021. Through dog sitting, we learned that Nala usually really liked having a playmate and friend to run around with. Finally, we came upon sweet, Roo (formerly Morgan). In her bio, it said she had some anxiety and probably benefitting from a sibling. This couldn’t have been more true, because the moment we brought Roo home, Nala knew she was different from the other K9 visitors we’ve had. Roo ended up following what Nala did a lot, and has overcome a lot of her anxious tendencies, though she is still working on being shy with strangers. Roo is now about 50 lbs and is a beautiful mix breed. She has a ton of energy and knows how to use her speed and agility with her bigger siblings to her advantage!


Titus is our most recent addition, as of October of 2021. I like to start his story by telling everyone that I received a phone call from my fiancé saying “I did something bad’. He was informed of a Newfie needing a home and said we may be interested. All of a sudden, we were fostering this BIG boy to see if he’d do well with Nala & Roo. Needless to say, we all loved him immediately and it was meant to be. Titus is a 5 year old Newfoundland who retired from the show business. Newfoundlands are also called “gentle giants”, and he is absolutely the definition of that! He is the most gentle and sweetest giant. He is a cuddler and lover, and does NOT know he is a BIG 130+ lb. boy, but is still very gentle.

Follow The Pups

Yes – I’m THAT Dog Mom

I’m not embarrassed because it’s very clear that many people love our pups and like to follow them. They’ve had many viral posts on the DogSpotting Society page of Facebook and two features on the WeRateDogs Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages! I love making people other people happy by simply sharing the fluffy joys of my life.



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