In Home Family Photos

Tears of Laughter with Grandpa

Benefits & Beauty

When it comes to getting professional family photos taken, most people think they need to leave their home. A studio or being outdoors can make for great family photos with an array of different scenery options. But having photos taken in the comfort of your own home can also make for beautiful photos. In home sessions can showcase you as a family, being uniquely you. Not only are you in a setting that you know the ins and outs of, but your children know and feel comfortable in, too.

Being in your home for photos, you have everything you need right there. You have the snacks your kids may want, their favorite toys , extra change of clothes, etc. Your photographer can help with rearranging any furniture and positioning you in the best places for light, but they don’t know your home like you. You can dress in the same kind of outfits you would for a studio or outdoor shoot. There is something beautiful in capturing your family in their element.

You’ll be able to get the posed family photos you may want, but you can also be playful. Some of the most beautiful moments captured are when the kids are playing, or you’re having a tickle fight, playing hide and seek, looking out of the window, or snuggling. Remember, in home sessions can be you and your significant other, you and your newborn, you and your multiple kids; and you can include other family member, such as grandparents.

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